Meet in Fort Smith!

For 200 years, people have been meeting in Fort Smith, Arkansas! Some, chasing the American Dream and seeking new opportunities awaiting them in the western frontier. Others, like the Deputy U.S. Marshalls, to restore peace to Indian Territory and bring some of the most infamous outlaws in history to justice. Many, to rally against those who threatened the American way of life during the Civil War, WWII and other major conflicts. And now, perhaps your group will meet in Fort Smith, where time has taught us one thing that is certain...this isn't just a city where people meet, it is a city where they make history!

In Fort Smith, our team of hospitality and event planning professionals provide a superior level of service to help you create a flexible event package that is not only affordable but customized to fit your needs. Bring your next convention, meeting or special event to one of True West magazine's, "Top 10 True Western Towns," where you'll work with people who are committed to the success of your event. Even more than that, we are committed to ensuring that your attendees know all the different ways they can Experience Fort Smith by reliving America's frontier past and discovering unique attractions, nightlife & entertainment venues, restaurants and more, just minutes from more than 2,000 choice guest rooms that are located throughout the city. Give us a call at 800-637-1477 to talk about how we can help make planning your next event a breeze by working with a team that is known to exceed expectations.

For more information and/or help planning your meeting:
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